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Grow Your Customer Lifetime Value With The 36 Rules of Social Media Plus This One

by Tiffany Go
October 08, 2012


Fast Company published an infographic featuring The 36 Rules of Social Media from "social media’s savviest users". This is an excellent resource for businesses interested in improving customer experience and building loyalty.  We picked three of the most useful tips for retailers and as an added bonus included a rule no social strategy is complete without.

36 Rules of Social Media Infographic

“Think past vanity metrics like followers” Instead of focusing on the number of your followers, pay attention to who is following your brand.  Segmenting your audience  by profile, behaviors, and preferences enables you to execute more targeted messaging.  Sending more meaningful and personalized messages to the right segments of your audience keeps you relevant and fosters a more loyal relationships.

“It’s an organism not a process” Social media is not a formula of X + Y = Z.  Consistently track and analyze your social interactions so you can tailor and tweak campaigns to fit your followers' preferences.  Approaching your social media campaigns with flexibility allows you to provide more innovative and meaningful customer experiences.

“As monetization attempts go up consumer experience goes down” The primary goal of social strategy should be the customer’s experience, not monetization. By ignoring or pressuring users to spend, businesses run the risk of losing their audience. Dedicate time to engaging users in conversations, polls, and responding to requests. This does wonders for improving customer experience and increases the likelihood of repeat visits and that sales will follow.

Finally, we’d like to leave you with an additional rule every social strategy can benefit from:

Rule 37 Reward Your Fans

Reward your fans for social interactions such as following, reviewing, and referring your brand by offering exclusive experiences or discounts. Take it a step further and give customers control by offering a variety of rewards they can chose from. By showing genuine appreciation that goes beyond a “thank you,” rewards can help you cultivate loyalty and create more delightful customer experiences.


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