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3 Quick Reminders for Retail Email Marketers

by Matt Ellinwood
October 17, 2012

Matt Ellinwood
Email Campaigns

A recent flurry of research reports and news stories about retailers' success with email marketing campaigns is a great reminder of the importance of this "old" technology and its effectiveness at driving engagement with your customer base. At 500friends, we are believers in email marketing as an engagement, advocacy, and promotional vehicle, and email is deeply embedded into LoyaltyPlus' functionality. Email is a critical component of keeping in touch with your loyal customer base, communicating the value of your loyalty program, and sharing great offers to drive repeat business--all fundamental to driving increased lifetime value.

We've pulled three top reminders of what retailers need to get right with email campaigns from this recent spate of articles.

1.  Send emails

Everyone should be able to check this one off right away, but it's also worth taking a moment to revisit your email campaign efforts and make sure you've gone far enough. We see scenarios where opportunities for more or better email messages are being passed over, especially when it comes to targeting loyalty program members. But the bottom line is that email works, as the numbers in these findings from Listrak prove: a full third of consumers purchase after receiving a retailer email.

2. Keep your email messages relevant

The more targeted the message, the more likely you are to drive conversions. For retailers with a loyalty program, this means sending messages to your loyalty members written for your loyalty members. The email copy should remind your members of the value of your program--be it a special offer or an example of the value of point redemption for holiday gifts. Leverage technology to get more granular like this account of Crutchfield using information about what products a customer has been browsing to deliver highly targeted email content.

3. Make sure your email messages work on mobile

Finally, just a reminder that email marketers cannot ignore mobile. This recent article quotes a report that found that by the end of 2011, 27% of marketing emails were being opened on a mobile device. Moreover, the rate of growth in this result in 2011 exceeding 30%. This means that in 2012, well over a third and probably much more email viewing will be on mobile devices. If your emails aren't optimized, you are behind.


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