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5 Social Media Trends for Online Retailers in 2013

by Tiffany Go
November 29, 2012

Tiffany GoBusiness2Community surveyed 50 thought leaders for their 2013 social media predictions, and as planning for the New Year ramps up, we thought it would be helpful to highlight five trends retailers should keep top of mind to build lasting customer loyalty.

Mature Your Social Strategy

“There is a great wave of un-liking/un-following that will hit brands...consumers want higher quality content than what most brands are offering.” @KurtUhlir Cofounder and Chief Servant at Buzztastic

Ditch generic messages and ask customers what content interests them and how they want to consume it.  This tactic allows you to develop personalized content that grabs the attention of your target customers and minimize churn.

“The current metrics – ‘Likes’, ‘Followers’, ‘Fans’ – will give way to more meaningful means of measuring engagement.”   @raghurambala Board Member at Fanggle

Form a strategy that includes engagement metrics such as number of questions answered, positive comments received, and other forms of participation that create value for your business.

“New social profiling and scoring tools will allow marketers to analyze and apply custom segmentation logic” @bostonmike VP, Marketing and Sales at Awareness, Inc

Invest in social profiling and scoring tools to create more sophisticated business and marketing strategies for more targeted communication and enhanced abilities to build stronger customer relationships.

“In 2011, almost 70% of users said that no social media platform influenced their buying decision, and in 2012 that was cut in half to 35%.” @jpretz Online Marketing Director for Wixon Jewelers

This trend highlights the importance of maintaining an active and engaging presence on multiple social networks. Use this knowledge carefully by considering where your customers are and evaluating which social channels are converting for your company.

“Companies will begin to see social media as something akin to a telephone that can be used in multiple ways by multiple departments.”  @jeremarketer Jeremy Goldman, Entrepreneur and Author of  Going Social

Savvy companies will use social media as part of comprehensive business strategy, using their networks to monitor technical issues, reply to inquiries, get recommendations and create better customer experiences.

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