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4 Tips for Great Customer Experiences

by c3leung
December 20, 2012

christel4As you know, members spend only a fraction of their program experience redeeming rewards. So, how do we keep things fun and engaging throughout the experience? The designers and program strategists at 500friends frequently ask our selves this very question. In this post, I'll share a few ideas to keep customers engaged and coming back for more.

Tip #1: Generate Excitement 

There are some simple design tricks to create feelings of excitement and urgency. This is something that, an online auction site, does to expert effect. By choosing colors opposite one another on the color wheel (for instance, red and green), visual senses are heightened and messages are hard to ignore. Too exciting for your taste?  Try using adjacent colors along with a complementary color (hues of red and purple with a splash of green). Add dynamic shapes and bold typography, and you have created an exciting visual message.


Tip #2: Engage Users

Many of the experiences users have online are passive, with few opportunities for input or interactivity. For this reason, the engaging enrollment process at really stands out. First-time users participate in a style quiz which feels more like a visual personality test. Users get a memorable experience while investing time into your brand. Follow up with a rewarding experience (for instance, a great selection of hand picked shoes) and you've hit a home run.


Tip #3: Create Mystery

Rather than reveal all the rewards and badges in your program, consider holding some of them back to create mystery and opportunities to surprise and delight. As shown below, reveals some rewards but leaves others open for discovery. Can you think of ways to surprise your best customers? People love surprises and may just spread the word.


Tip #4: Foster Feelings of Accomplishment

Reward your best customers with beautiful, branded, brag-worthy rewards and badges that feel like an achievement. And, to keep things interesting for the rest, sprinkle in personal badges, based on users' purchase patterns (for instance, 3 shoe purchases). While it may not be a reward, users will feel rewarded for their individuality. Even better, use this insight to give them the rewards and deals they want most and deliver the best experience of all.



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