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500friends LoyaltyPlus: New products and features

by Kaleb Loosbrock
February 11, 2014
500friends LoyaltyPlus: New products and features

Kaleb Loosbrock

After a successful holiday season in which retailers saw an average of 2-3% growth over 2012, many loyalty programs are bursting with new members. So I thought this would be a good time to highlight a couple of new 500friends products and features that can help convert these shoppers into loyal repeat customers.

1) LoyaltyPlus Convert:  Turn visitors into loyal customers

Do you present new visitors with a pop up form to acquire their emails? If so, you've probably noticed that conversion rates — let alone repeat purchase rates— for people you engage in this manner tend to be low. To boost acquisition and conversion, check out LoyaltyPlus Convert, a new 500friends product that intelligently engages your site visitors. You can also use Convert to engage with customers between purchases.

2. Enhanced Loyalty Promotions:  Keep new members engaged

Research shows that new loyalty program members can disengage as quickly as two weeks after singing up for your program. To prevent that, our new Enhanced Loyalty Promotions let you automate a welcome series of emails that keep your program top of mind. Here are the kinds of emails with which 500friends partners are having success:

  • Initial welcome: Offer a warm welcome and incent purchase for new members (for example, by offering double rewards for a limited time). Remind new members about the kinds of emails they will receive and provide a link for updating email preferences.

  • Earning recap: Explain how to earn rewards. Promote quick rewards-earning opportunities that allow your members to engage immediately.

  • Reward and tier overview: Now that members know how to earn rewards, set aspirational goals. Present actionable information such as what a member must do to reach the next tier.

  • Connect with your company: Since customers who engage with companies over social media spend 20% to 40% more money with those companies than other customers (Bain & Company Report – Putting Social Media to Work), offer new members the ability to connect with your brand in the social sphere and provide rewards for doing so.

3. Enhanced Loyalty Promotions: Reactivate inactive members

Most loyalty programs have a 56% inactivity rate. Many retailers dismiss this group, but we're seeing huge success among those who target them with appropriate reminders.

  • Reactivation campaign  : Automatically send a promotional offer (double rewards, status upgrade, etc.) to members who haven't made a repeat purchase within your normal purchase cycle.

  • Lapsed member promotion: If members still fall through, try automatically gifting lapsed members to their next reward or reminding them of an existing reward that's waiting for them. Target only members who haven't purchased in quite some time.

  • Points expiration reminder: Automatically remind members when their points are about to expire, creating a sense of urgency that drives incremental purchase.

Recently, a LoyaltyPlus client saw record sales and a 5% reactivation of its membership by building out a reactivation strategy aimed at winning back inactive customers.

To learn more about implementing these strategies and tools, get in touch with our team at

Kaleb Loosbrock is Senior Product Manager at 500friends.


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