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Improve Your Email Marketing with Loyalty: Cardstore's Schedule-Ahead Promotion

by Zach Woith
March 21, 2014
Improve Your Email Marketing with Loyalty: Cardstore's Schedule-Ahead Promotion
One of the greatest benefits of running a loyalty program is the positive impact it can have on your email marketing. In fact, 500friends customers report that loyalty-powered emails can generate up to 50% higher response rates versus regular emails.

A great example of how loyalty and email marketing can best work together is a new campaign by our client Cardstore, the online greeting card site owned by American Greetings. In the promotion (creative below), Cardstore offers customers double points for trying out a schedule-ahead feature that makes sending cards more convenient. The campaign is really smart for a bunch of reasons:

  • By offering bonus loyalty rewards for using the schedule-ahead feature — but for a limited time only — Cardstore creates an appropriate sense of urgency.
  • Cardstore is using its loyalty-powered promotion to interact with its customers during a non-holiday period, when its shoppers are less likely to visit and purchase.
  • With a loyalty reward, Cardstore can offer customers value that enhances the brand, unlike excessive discounting.
Here's what the email creative looks like:
At 500friends, I encourage all of our retail brand clients to think about using incentives to engage members for relevant, valuable actions like this. For example, an apparel retailer could use loyalty to incentivize members to add items to a wish list in advance of gift-giving seasons. A cosmetics brand might run an email campaign inviting customers to fill out personal profiles in exchange for extra loyalty rewards. No matter what activities you choose, using loyalty instead of discounts and sales to stimulate action will have a better impact on your brand, your customer relationships, and your financial performance.

Zach Woith is Head of Loyalty Strategy at 500friends. Contact him at 


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