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Omaha Steaks Steaklover Rewards: Q&A with Michael Robinson, Consumer Sales and Marketing Director

by Andrew R.
June 03, 2014
Omaha Steaks Steaklover Rewards: Q&A with Michael Robinson, Consumer Sales and Marketing Director

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by Jim Tierney, Loyalty 360

Omaha Steaks has launched a new customer loyalty program known as Omaha Steaks Steaklover Rewards. This new loyalty program is designed to reward customers through a points based program, where they can earn points by purchasing products, in addition to non-transactional engagements like referrals and social sharing.

Points are accumulated when shopping and can be redeemed for product rewards or used when checking out for discounts on the overall purchase. Members will receive a monthly statement via email indicating the points they have earned and accumulated, in addition to promotional e-mails offering additional points generating opportunities and exclusive offers for Steaklover Rewards members only.

Steaklover Rewards Members also will:

·      Be invited to be the first to try new products

·      Receive free gifts with purchases

·      Be eligible for “members only” special perks

There will be a premium membership tier for those customers who spend $300 or more in a year. Steaklover Rewards Premium Tier members will receive:

·      More points on every purchase

·      Insider access to Omaha Steaks Executive Chef, Karl Marsh

·      Free birthday dessert

Michael Robinson, Director of Consumer Sales and Marketing, Omaha Steaks participated in an engaging Q&A with Loyalty360 to discuss the new loyalty program.

What factors prompted the launch of Omaha Steaks Steaklover Rewards and what are your goals for the program?

We’ve discussed a loyalty program over the past few years. Recent changes in leadership have created a new direction in our marketing efforts and now seemed like the right time to launch the initiative.

Has Omaha Steaks had a loyalty program before?

This is the first loyalty program we have deployed that crosses all marketing channels and customer touch points.

What makes this program unique to your customer base?

With our program, we are rewarding customers for something they are already doing−purchasing world-famous Omaha Steaks and enjoying them personally or giving them as gifts. There are many unique rewards associated with the program, too, such as a free cheesecake on a member’s birthday.

When did the program technically launch and how do customers enroll?

The program launched in late May through our digital channels. We will roll the loyalty program out in telesales and our retail channels at the end of June. Customers create and manage their accounts through our online portal nested within the Omaha Steaks website.

What metrics will you use to measure ongoing success of the program?

We’ll continue to monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) such as enrollment, program growth, Lifetime Value (LTV), retention, order frequency, and average order value. The latter three will be measured against benchmarks set at the start of the program and against like customers that are not enrolled in the program.

Is the program aimed at your loyal customers, attracting new customers, or a combination of both?

This program equally benefits both existing customers and those new to the brand.

Did any new technologies play a role in the program launch?

After an exhausting search for the right partner, Omaha Steaks developed a working relationship with 500Friends to build a best-in-class loyalty program.

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