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[Webinar Series] Differentiate and Personalize Your Loyalty Program to Drive Engagement

by Julia Leyrer
May 14, 2015
[Webinar Series] Differentiate and Personalize Your Loyalty Program to Drive Engagement

We are excited to keep the momentum going with our latest webinar series "Going Beyond Just Points: How your Loyalty Program Can Drive Actionable Insights"   where we will discuss how to leverage loyalty data in customer identification, engagement, and acquisition.

The 2nd webinar in this 3-part series, "Differentiate And Personalize Your Loyalty Program To Drive Engagement", will be presented by Justin Yoshimura, Co-Founder/CEO, 500friends, a Merkle Company and Samanth Ngo, Researcher, Customer Insights, Forrester Research on Thursday May 28 at 10:00 PDT / 1:00 EDT.

Many customers are treated as if they're one and the same although there is so much customer information available to us. This approach of not engaging with customers on a more personal level can be detrimental to your customer relationships, which are vital to your success and competitive differentiation. Learn how the information provided from a loyalty program can help ensure that messaging increases in relevance, maintains margin, and builds a more personal and meaningful relationship with each member.

Register today and be sure to contact our events team with any other questions you may have!



Justin Yoshimura

Justin is responsible for the vision and strategic direction of 500friends. His infatuation with retail began at age 14, when he opened an eBay account and quickly became one of Ebay's top PowerSellers. Since then, Justin has founded two profitable ecommerce companies with $10M in revenues, and has been recognized by Forbes as a "30 under 30" entrepreneur. He is also an investor in disruptive ecommerce and SaaS companies including BoostCTR, Bounce Exchange, Firebase, First Opinion, Hipmunk, Homejoy, ifeelgoods, OwnLocal, and Zencoder.


Samantha Ngo

Sam is a researcher at Forrester Research serving Customer Insights Professionals. Her research spans how customer and marketing data drives business decisions with a focus on best practices, trends, and tools in the areas of customer loyalty and digital intelligence. As a research associate on the Customer Insights team, Sam supported several analysts with research on customer loyalty, marketing technology, digital intelligence, social listening, and customer analytics. She also supported a number of Forrester Wave™ evaluations and is familiar with the methodology. Sam holds a B.A. in Business and Psychology from Franklin & Marshall College.


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