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[Webinar Series] Increase Matchback Rates Through Customer Identification

by Julia Leyrer
May 14, 2015
[Webinar Series] Increase Matchback Rates Through Customer Identification

We are excited to present our latest webinar series "Going Beyond Just Points: How your Loyalty Program Can Drive Actionable Insights" where we will explore how to leverage loyalty data in customer identification, engagement, and acquisition.

The 1st webinar in this 3-part series, "Increase Matchback Rates Through Customer Identification", will be presented by Arif Damji, Senior Director of Strategy and Development, 500friends, a Merkle Company on Thursday May 21 at 10:00 PDT / 1:00 EDT.

Large numbers of customer identities are currently unknown and brands struggle with linking together customer purchases, LTVs, and preference trends. Without the knowledge and understanding of who your customers are, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to drive customer satisfaction, enhance relevancy of messaging and offers, and increase order frequency and value.

Loyalty data is the tool that transforms the unknown consumer into an identified, addressable customer.

Learn how driving self-identification of customers across all channels with your loyalty program increases match-back rates and your understanding of customer spend and behavior. This in turn allows you to enhance the effectiveness of your messaging and drive customer lifetime value.

Register today and be sure to contact our events team with any other questions you may have!

About the presenter:

Arif serves as the Senior Director of Strategy & Development for 500friends, a Merkle Company. Through his role he helps to formulate the vision and strategy for numerous successful loyalty programs, while also driving many of 500friends’ strategic partnerships. Prior to 500friends, Arif was a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Company serving multiple industries including Travel, Financial Services & Marketing Services. Before joining McKinsey & Co he worked with a number of financial services firms including Barclays Capital, Spinnaker Capital, and the National Bank of Abu Dhabi. Arif holds a M.A. in Economics from the University of Cambridge and a M.S. in Management Science from Stanford University.


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