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[Webinar] The Great Loyalty Reset: Defining the Future of Loyalty for Retail and CPG Brands

by Julia Leyrer
March 30, 2017
[Webinar] The Great Loyalty Reset: Defining the Future of Loyalty for Retail and CPG Brands

The Great Loyalty Reset report looks at retail and CPG loyalty programs through a new lens and with new recommendations for loyalty program managers as they navigate a constantly evolving marketplace and a global pool of consumers whose shopping behaviors can be unpredictable. The report claims that a reset is critical for brands that do not currently have the ability to gather, analyze and leverage customer data, and urges the loyalty industry to re-examine the current state of program effectiveness across a variety of parameters.

Unless existing gaps and disconnects are addressed now, they will continue to widen until many programs become irrelevant or are upstaged by smarter programs whose propositions better serve and connect with consumers’ needs. In today's retail and brand landscape, resetting loyalty is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’, but a ‘need-to-have’.

In this webinar, we'll walk through the key takeaways of The Great Loyalty Reset:

  • What the current state of the customer loyalty landscape looks like
  • Why brands should be focusing on building meaningful, memorable connections
  • Why loyalty programs are the leading indicator of brand engagement
  • Why consumers are choosing to join or quit loyalty programs
  • How to address the most common issues program managers face across external, operational, financial, and executive challenges
  • How the great loyalty reset should be executed and future-proofed to ensure it serves your consumers’ needs



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