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Loyalty Makeover: Carters and OshKosh

by Ashley Bienvenu
February 12, 2014
Loyalty Makeover: Carters and OshKosh

Loyalty Makeover suggests ways for retail brands to make the most of their loyalty initiatives. In this installment, we look at the rewards programs at Carter's and sibling brand OshKosh. With $2.4 billion in annual sales and 18,000 stores, Carter's has been selling children's clothing since 1865. What Carter's and B'Gosh Rewards look like today: The Carter's and OshKosh brands, which belong to the same company, run separate but identical rewards programs. For every $50 spent in-store with each brand, shoppers earn a $10 voucher towards future purchases of that brand. Rewards become valid one day after a purchase, and can be redeemed in-store upon presentation of a receipt. First impressions: Carter's brands' rewards are simple and straightforward, making their value propositions easy to understand. Customers know that for every $50 spent in a single purchase, they will earn a $10 voucher towards their next p... Read more

500friends LoyaltyPlus: New products and features

by Kaleb Loosbrock
February 11, 2014
500friends LoyaltyPlus: New products and features

After a successful holiday season in which retailers saw an average of 2-3% growth over 2012, many loyalty programs are bursting with new members. So I thought this would be a good time to highlight a couple of new 500friends products and features that can help convert these shoppers into loyal repeat customers. 1) LoyaltyPlus Convert: Turn visitors into loyal customers. Do you present new visitors with a pop up form to acquire their emails? If so, you've probably noticed that conversion rates — let alone repeat purchase rates— for people you engage in this manner tend to be low. To boost acquisition and conversion, check out LoyaltyPlus Convert, a new 500friends product that intelligently engages your site visitors. You can also use Convert to engage with customers between purchases. 2. Enhanced Loyalty Promotions: Keep new members engaged. Research shows that new loyalty program members can di... Read more

The Healthy Benefits of Kate Somervilles Loyalty Program

by Zach Woith
January 27, 2014
The Healthy Benefits of Kate Somervilles Loyalty Program

Leaders in Loyalty shares the insights and experiences of executives who run loyalty programs. In this installment, Matt Bunn, Director of Digital Marketing at Kate Somerville, talks about the many benefits of the skincare brand's loyalty strategy. Why did you launch the Ultimate Kate Rewards loyalty program at Kate Somerville? Our primary goals are email acquisition, customer retention and increased visitor engagement. Skin care and beauty is a competitive landscape, and most of our retail partners — such as Nordstrom and Sephora — offer their own customer loyalty programs. Ultimate Kate Rewards puts our online presence on a level playing field. Also, because we utilize our program to communicate with our most loyal customers, it elevates the overall brand relationship. Your loyalty program rewards not only purchases, but other activities as well. Can you explain how that drives ROI? We r... Read more

The Omnichannel Experience – Redefining the Retail Landscape: Part 3 of 3

by Dave Louie
May 16, 2013

Dave LouieIn this final post in the series, as promised, we’ll paint a picture of how a prototypical omnichannel retailer would incorporate a loyalty program into an integrated customer experience.... Read more

The Omni-channel Experience - Redefining the Retail Landscape: Part 2 of 3

by Dave Louie
May 08, 2013

In our first post, we reviewed the challenges of omni-channel retail and presented a framework for analyzing omni-channel loyalty.  In this post, I'll show how a loyalty program can help solve the challenges of an omni-channel retail environment and provide best practice... Read more

The Omni-Channel Experience - Redefining the Retail Landscape: Part 1 of 3

by Dave Louie
April 27, 2013

2. How a loyalty program can help you solve some of the key challenges of providing a great omni-channel experience... Read more

Stop! Loyal Customers Need More Than Discounts

by Matt Ellinwood
February 15, 2013

At 500friends, we have the privilege of talking with retailers about customers, business, and marketing campaigns in detail on a regular basis, and we like to compare strategies and results. It's especially interesting when the conversations we have with our clients about their opportunities and challenges intersect with discussion in the press.... Read more


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