Loyalty trends and best practices

Use Your Loyalty Program to Stay in the Right (Gmail) Tab

by Dave Louie
August 09, 2013

As a marketing executive, you might be a bit panicked after catching wind of Gmail’s new tabbed inbox. I mean, Internet Retailer goes as far as saying, “Consumers may not click on the ‘promotions’ tab where marketing e-mails will land.” Ouch. However, if you have a loyalty program, you may be in luck. At the very least, you should have the ability to incentivize your subscribers to open your e-mails or add you to their address book. Offering customers as little as 5 points (which is equivalent to a discount of a fraction of a penny) has shown to change their behavior... Read more

Retailer Increases Revenue per Email by 106% with Personalized Promotions

by Tiffany Go
June 18, 2013

Scentiments"Offering ongoing discounts does not foster loyalty" - Howard Wyner CEO of Read more


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