Loyalty trends and best practices

ReStockIt Gets 12% Revenue Lift from Loyalty Program (500friends case study)

by Tiffany Go
November 12, 2013, a leading online retailer of discount supplies for small businesses, realized that its commitments to convenience, price, service, and selection would not — by themselves — be enough to sustain growth in an increasingly competitive market. "We knew there was an opportunity to capture a higher share of wallet from our active customer base, but wanted to do it with a turn-key solution that didn't add significant extra cost." -Susan Palazzese, EVP of eCommerce Marketing and Operations at ReStockIt... Read more

Case Study: Overcoming Discount Addiction

by Tiffany Go
June 25, 2013

Tiffany GoEvery retailer feels the pressure to deliver quarter-over-quarter growth and compete in a price sensitive market. In order to meet these immediate challenges, many retailers find themselves resorting to rampant discounting in order to retain customers and drive purchases.... Read more

Retailer Increases Revenue per Email by 106% with Personalized Promotions

by Tiffany Go
June 18, 2013

Scentiments"Offering ongoing discounts does not foster loyalty" - Howard Wyner CEO of Read more

3 Great Tactics for a Successful Loyalty Email Promotion

by Tiffany Go
December 06, 2012

At 500friends, we see email marketing as a best practice for incentivizing customer engagement and lasting loyalty. Additionally, the stats make quite the case for using email as part of a loyalty strategy: found that loyalty program emails drive 29% higher transaction rates and 11% higher revenue per email than basic bulk email campaigns.


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