Loyalty trends and best practices

Racing to the Finish: 3 Easy Holiday Promotions

by Heather Battaglia
November 15, 2012

Heather BattagliaIt’s already halfway through Q4? Where did 2012 go!? If this year sneaked up on you as fast as it did for us, you may think it’s too late to plan a holiday promotion for your rewards program. Well we have great news – it’s not too late! Consider running these 3 easy promotions to reward your most loyal customers this holiday season.... Read more

3 Great Customer Lifetime Value Resources

by Matt Ellinwood
November 14, 2012

Matt EllinwoodRetail marketers know that Lifetime Value is not a simple topic. In fact, it can be controversial and even touchy, but the concept and the calculation is critical to understanding your business fundamentals and long-term profitability. There are many practices, approaches, and interpretations of appropriate application of the LTV calculation in retail, and we thought tha... Read more

3 Customer Experience Lessons For Online Retailers

by Tiffany Go
October 26, 2012

As ecommerce sales continue their meteoric rise, the competition between online retailers is following a similar trajectory. The retailers edging out the competition are those most successful at creating extraordinary customer experiences to encourage customer loyalty. Here are three customer experience lessons and three retailers using these methods to stay ahead of the competition.... Read more

3 Quick Reminders for Retail Email Marketers

by Matt Ellinwood
October 17, 2012

A recent flurry of research reports and news stories about retailers' success with email marketing campaigns is a great reminder of the importance of this "old" technology and its effectiveness at driving engagement with your customer base. At 500friends, we are believers in email marketing as an engagement, advocacy, and promotional vehicle, and email is deeply embedded into LoyaltyPlus' functionality. Email is a critical component of keeping in touch with your loyal customer base, communicating the value of your loyalty program, and sharing great offers to drive repeat business--all fundamental to driving increased lifetime value.... Read more

Google Shopping Rollout Another Example of Increasing Acquisition Costs

by Matt Ellinwood
September 18, 2012

An excellent post earlier this month on Internet Retailer captured the magnitude of the changes occurring as Google transitions from the method for listing products that's been in place since about 2002 to their new product, called Google Shopping. As the article details, retailers have already seen significant declines in the number of free clicks that Google's product search is sending them. For growing retailers with limited budgets, this is an especially painful hit to growth, as it translates directly to an increase in the cost of customer acquisition, regardless of whether they choose to invest in paid product listings or not. Google's action is part of a larger Google product trend. For the past several years... Read more

The 500friends Blog: Dedicated to Lifetime Value for Retail

by Matt Ellinwood
September 18, 2012
The 500friends Blog: Dedicated to Lifetime Value for Retail

I'm happy to announce launch of the 500friends blog today. The purpose of this blog is to share what we discover and learn in the world of eCommerce, Retail, loyalty marketing, and the impact of technologies that open up opportunities for retailers. 500friends' mission is to help retailers maximize the profitability of their customer relationships. With the accelerating growth of the eCommerce industry globally, competition is squeezing all retailers margin and increasing the importance of investing in customer lifetime value... Read more


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