Loyalty trends and best practices

The Omnichannel Experience – Redefining the Retail Landscape: Part 3 of 3

by Dave Louie
May 16, 2013

Dave LouieIn this final post in the series, as promised, we’ll paint a picture of how a prototypical omnichannel retailer would incorporate a loyalty program into an integrated customer experience.... Read more

The Omni-channel Experience - Redefining the Retail Landscape: Part 2 of 3

by Dave Louie
May 08, 2013

In our first post, we reviewed the challenges of omni-channel retail and presented a framework for analyzing omni-channel loyalty.  In this post, I'll show how a loyalty program can help solve the challenges of an omni-channel retail environment and provide best practice... Read more

The Omni-Channel Experience - Redefining the Retail Landscape: Part 1 of 3

by Dave Louie
April 27, 2013

2. How a loyalty program can help you solve some of the key challenges of providing a great omni-channel experience... Read more

The Perils of Unsustainable Revenue Growth

by Justin Yoshimura
February 27, 2013

Fortune 500 enterprises and startups alike face constant pressure to grow revenues. This stems from the fact that investors want to invest in growing companies and smart employees want to be part of the next big thing, not the last.... Read more

Stop! Loyal Customers Need More Than Discounts

by Matt Ellinwood
February 15, 2013

At 500friends, we have the privilege of talking with retailers about customers, business, and marketing campaigns in detail on a regular basis, and we like to compare strategies and results. It's especially interesting when the conversations we have with our clients about their opportunities and challenges intersect with discussion in the press.... Read more

3 Ways Retailers Can Create Relevant & Personalized Promotions

by Tiffany Go
February 06, 2013

Did you know, only 31%* of Americans find rewards-program communications extremely relevant and only 12%* of consumers feel that there is any value in being loyal to their favorite brands?  These numbers are a plea for better loyalty program experiences and more relevant and personalized promotions.  Here are a few suggestions  for retailers looking for some tips on how to create more relevant and... Read more


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