Loyalty trends and best practices

3 Great Tactics for a Successful Loyalty Email Promotion

by Tiffany Go
December 06, 2012

At 500friends, we see email marketing as a best practice for incentivizing customer engagement and lasting loyalty. Additionally, the stats make quite the case for using email as part of a loyalty strategy: found that loyalty program emails drive 29% higher transaction rates and 11% higher revenue per email than basic bulk email campaigns.

How to Design a Great Loyalty Program Overview

by Jessica Chien
December 05, 2012

Need direction on how to spice up your Program Overview Page? As a designer, I'd love to share some tips and best practices I use when designing program pages for 500friends' clients. Let's look at the program overview page we designed for online daily deals site, DealChicken:... Read more

5 Social Media Trends for Online Retailers in 2013

by Tiffany Go
November 29, 2012

Tiffany GoBusiness2Community surveyed 50 thought leaders for their 2013 social media predictions, and as planning for the New Year ramps up, we thought it would be h... Read more

3 New Client Launches

by Jessica Chien
November 27, 2012

Jessica Chien The busiest time for eCommerce retailers is in full swing. Some of our retailers have geared up for the holidays by implementing rewards programs with LoyaltyPlus. We're excited to announce THREE launches this past week:, Kate Somerville, and Kitchenware Direct. Take a look at their programs!

Racing to the Finish: 3 Easy Holiday Promotions

by Heather Battaglia
November 15, 2012

Heather BattagliaIt’s already halfway through Q4? Where did 2012 go!? If this year sneaked up on you as fast as it did for us, you may think it’s too late to plan a holiday promotion for your rewards program. Well we have great news – it’s not too late! Consider running these 3 easy promotions to reward your most loyal customers this holiday season.... Read more

3 Great Customer Lifetime Value Resources

by Matt Ellinwood
November 14, 2012

Matt EllinwoodRetail marketers know that Lifetime Value is not a simple topic. In fact, it can be controversial and even touchy, but the concept and the calculation is critical to understanding your business fundamentals and long-term profitability. There are many practices, approaches, and interpretations of appropriate application of the LTV calculation in retail, and we thought tha... Read more

Quick Primer - Why Customer Retention is Key to Growth

by Tiffany Go
November 10, 2012

Tiffany GoYou have likely heard the stats: a new customer costs five times as much as keeping an existing customer, and the average cost of a lost customer is $243 globally and $289 in the US. So how much d... Read more


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