2017 Marketing Imperatives: The Activation of People-Based Marketing

As marketers, we have long benefited from the power that media and channels provide. We target audiences in our advertising. We tailor creative, messages, and offers to the unique characteristics of each tactic. We optimize our websites, our apps, our call centers, and our direct response marketing. We capture customer data to build lasting relationships and drive advocacy. And we test and invest in new formats, new technologies, and new platforms – to connect with customers as their behaviors evolve.

Today, we are moving toward true people-based marketing, innovating and creating more intimate moments with our customers. But we find ourselves burdened by increasingly fragmented marketing landscapes filled with platforms that don’t talk to each other, programs that overlap or compete with one another, and metrics that fail to help us identify competitive advantages or overall customer and business value.

Technology is giving modern marketers the ability to put into practice what direct marketers have done for years – marketing to unique individuals. We can now create more meaningful moments than ever, across every channel, every device, at any point in time – all uniquely designed for a specific, real person. This leaves many marketers asking an awkward question: “how do I do it?” The good news is there is an answer.

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