Building Customer-Centric B-to-B Loyalty Programs for Today's Buyers

How can you create lifetime loyalty from your best clients? Find out during our on-demand webinar.

Merkle surveyed B-to-B sellers and buyers in North America and the UK in April of 2017. The results provided clear direction around the types of features, services, and resources that B-to-B buyers consider. By understanding their customers, B-to-B sellers can design programs that retain high-value members, attract new members, and are profitable to the enterprise.

We'll answer key questions, including:

- What should the ideal B-to-B loyalty program look like?

- What key elements and services will motivate buyers to sign up, engage, and deepen their loyalty?

- Which trends, considerations, and features must be considered to make B-to-B loyalty programs customer-centric and compelling?

- What can B-to-B sellers do to make their programs capable of forging long-lasting and profitable relationships with their buyers?

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