Dossier 8.1

Dossier is a journal filled with original articles on the most relevant topics in digital marketing. Written by a team of esteemed authors, Dossier’s articles highlight strategies and detail approaches that will benefit any marketing program. Published twice a year, Dossier is distributed to an extensive subscriber list and is featured at industry trade shows.

This edition provides actionable insights on topics that include paid and organic search, loyalty, and multi-channel co-op marketing. Dossier 8.1 features the following articles:

- Preparing for Google’s Mobile-First Search Index

- Advertising with Amazon Sponsored Products

- Loyalty’s Powerful New Role in the Successful Enterprise

- Why Google Shopping Yields Smaller Orders, and Why That May Be Okay

- Say Goodbye to Keywords: Baidu Industry Bidding

- Making the Most of Co-Op Advertising with Digital

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