Programs That Connect

Business-to-business (B-to-B) seller-buyer relationships that evolve from successful loyalty programs have potential to invoke a long-tail impact on the broader business and consumer market.

This is the 3rd installment in this B-to-B loyalty report series, based on a survey conducted by Merkle Loyalty Solutions in April 2017 of B-to-B sellers and buyers in North America and the UK. It examines the payoffs and additional opportunities that arise due to stronger relationships, greater understanding, and shared knowledge between buyers and sellers as a result of their joint participation in B-to-B programs:

   -  Beyond the increased revenues that a seller enjoys with each new business sign-up, how can connections between both B-to-B participants contribute to even greater shared success? 

   -  Which factors support long-term success beyond the B-to-B relationship? 

   -  How do personal preferences impact B-to-B decisions and relationships?

   -  What is the spillover effect of B-to-B relationships on broader business and consumer markets?

   -  How can B-to-B programs turn customers into brand advocates?

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